Hapro Seecret® C300

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The Hapro Seecret® C300 is particularly suited for those new to the skin vitalisation market: All you need is the Hapro Seecret® C300 as the new wellness variant. No additional investment for high-voltage current or discharged air. The Hapro Seecret® C300 has it all. Collagen light from head to toe and focussed skin vitalisation in treatment-intensive body areas, such as the face, neck and hands with accent light. Seecret® comfort has precisely what is needed. The intelligent, quiet-running ventilation ensures a relaxed Seecret® experience, such as the option to connect your own MP3 player via the integrated SoundBox for the perfect sound experience. Connoisseurs will recognise the potential that the Hapro Seecret® C300 holds for the skin vitalisation market.

Seecret collagen tubes XL: 30 x 120 W
Seecret accent light tubes: 9 x 25 W
Intelligent ventilation*: Standard
SoundBox and My MP3: Standard
Body ventilation: Optional
Central air ducting (top): Optional
Internal timer: Standard
Connection for external timer: Standard
Hour counter: Standard
Connection** 400 V/3N~PE/50 Hz or 230V/1N~PE/50 Hz
Power Requirement: 2.8 kW
Fuses: 3 x 10 A or 1 x 16 A

Size: 2290mm(L) x 1550mm(W) x 1365mm(H) Pearl white

* The device is quiet in the start-up phase, the ventilation is intelligently controlled
on a temperature-dependent basis by means of sensors.
** To be specified upon order.

PLEASE NOTE: This Hapro Product comes with a 1 Year Warranty which includes parts but excludes labour, lamps and acrylics.

Manufactured in The Netherlands.

VDL Hapro became officially ISO 9001:2008 certified on 18 August 2016! The ISO 9001 certificate confirms that the quality management system VDL Hapro has employed for years is compliant with the international standard. This certificate not only safeguards the quality management system but also provides extra assurance of the product quality, and that is something we are truly proud of! In addition, this certification also makes it possible for external parties to verify the compliance of the VDL Hapro quality management system.