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Hapro Proline C

You would like to tan even one step higher in the segments of tanning units? Hapro Proline is a complete and professional sun bed, which is used in the professional market (by beauty salons, physiotherapists and wellness centres) as well. Nevertheless, this impressive tanning unit works without extra power. Therefore, it will function in a home situation as well.


With 28 reflector lamps of 1.9 metres in the canopy and in the bed, you will tan your full body in one efficient session. The Hapro Proline C can be operated on the regular power outlet.
While developing, there has been given attention to maintenance as well – the easy to use click strip function safely allows you to clean the acrylics and lamps.


The Proline C offers a special 400 W high-pressure face tanner for an extra accent by direct pigmentation. Simultaneously, the lamps release infrared heath to stimulate the blood circulation to tan the skin even better.


The tanning duration can be individually set using the centrally integrated timer at the end of the unit. Naturally, you can also control the Hapro Proline sunbed using coins or an external timer. 


The Onyx combi has a wide lying surface and curved canopy, which tans your whole body evenly and simultaneously.


The integrated, double gas-spring system enables you to easily open the sun canopy. 


The Hapro Proline tanning bed's body cooler is mounted at the foot of the unit. Regulation makes it possible to maintain an all-round comfortable temperature in the tanning tunnel. An additional cooler can be optionally included at the head of the unit. 

Power requirements: Normal power point
Lamps Included: 10 x 100WL ** + 4 x 80W + 14 x 100W 
Facial Tanner: 1 x 400W
Shipping Measurements: 215cm(L)x 105cm(W)x 47cm(H) x 2
Weight: 146kg

Size: 2100mm(L) x 990mm(W) x 886mm(H)

** Lamps = 1.9m (note: standard 100W has length of 1.78m)

PLEASE NOTE: This Hapro Product comes with a 2 Year Warranty which includes parts but excludes labour, lamps and acrylics.

Manufactured in The Netherlands.

VDL Hapro became officially ISO 9001:2008 certified on 18 August 2016! The ISO 9001 certificate confirms that the quality management system VDL Hapro has employed for years is compliant with the international standard. This certificate not only safeguards the quality management system but also provides extra assurance of the product quality, and that is something we are truly proud of! In addition, this certification also makes it possible for external parties to verify the compliance of the VDL Hapro quality management system.


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